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Götz Doll- Be a Doctor


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Oh dear! Your little doll looks at you with very sad eyes as she is not feeling well today. She only wants to be healthy again and play with you. Just take her temperature and examine Cosys lungs with the stethoscope. Taking a warm bath might also help to feel better and to get some rest in bed with ginger compress. Oh no - ears also hurt? Put an onion compress on and everything will be good again soon. Helping your little friend like this will make Cosy Aquini healthy again soon.

Children can easily take off the clothes and put them back on again. Our Aquinis offer lots of bathing fun. With its soft, bead-filled fabric body Cosy Aquini is both a cuddly playmate and bath doll at the same time. Her special filling keeps her afloat and after bath time she air-dries in a jiffy. This Cosy Aquini has blue sleeping eyes.

Set includes:

  • Cosy Aquini (ca. 300 g)
  • stethoscope
  • bath tub
  • bathing towel
  • injection
  • 30 plaster in a box
  • onion (textile)
  • ginger slices (textile)
  • medical thermometer
  • doctor's hammer
  • nappy
  • bottle
  • dummy
  • fibula for remedies
  • umbilical bandage


soft body with vinyl arms and legs


Not suitable for children under 3 years old. Choking hazard due to small parts which may be swallowed.