About Us

Who we are

Baby Belle Boutique is one of the newest clothing websites on the market. In 2019 we opened our store from which we sell the best in children’s clothing brands.

We are a family run business Mum, Dad and 5 girls! When Tori was born Niamh went to mum and said I want us to open a Baby shop. There is nowhere that sells brands like Mayoral, Sardon & Tutto Piccolo. Mum loved the idea and after being a stay at home mum for over 20 years she went about opening Baby Belle Boutique. 

As a family 

We do it all ourselves as a family- Dad who only retired last year now runs the warehouse and does all our local deliveries, Mum buys all our stock and deals with all our clothing and accessories , Niamh creates the bundles and does everything nursery, Aisha & Indira they’re both currently at university but they do all the website updates in their spare time and help out in the shop as much as possible! There’s 2 more of us Julie is currently at home with her little boys and Tiana the youngest of the bunch she’s still in school!

Why Baby Belle Boutique?

We are so passionate about nursery goods and we can relate to the first time mum easily we know exactly what she needs (Niamh was one herself only 2 years ago) High quality combined with style is the perfect combination and this is what we achieve with the brands we stock!