Collection: NONO

Baby Belle Boutique proudly introduces the Nono collection; we are confident that Nono clothing will soon become a favourite among our customers. Nono creates unique fashion for unique girls that helps them develop their own unique identity.

And with Baby Belle Boutique’s free shipping offer on orders over £50, you can order Nono clothing without any hidden charges.

Our Nono Clothes Collection

Nono provides a huge range of fashionable girls clothing for the spring and the autumn seasons. Some of the best-selling Nono items we have include:

  • Girls Dresses
  • Girls Skirts
  • Girls Tops

What makes Nono Clothes special?

Nono is a Dutch fashion brand with over 25 years of experience in the clothing manufacturing business. Nono’s fully coordinated collections are innovative yet easy to wear, and their concepts are always clear and fresh.

Nono loves fashion, and it likes to treat kids seriously by using the mature fashion world as a big source of inspiration. Nono has developed their own Nono personalities:

  • Gold Girl, who is sporty and likes to win and doesn’t give up
  • Rebel Girl, who does things differently
  • Planetary Girl, who cares for the world and is innovative
  • Voyager Girl, who is a dreamer and for who everything is possible
  • Icon Girl, who is a fashionista and is totally ‘on trend’.

Why shop for Nono clothing at Baby Belle Boutique?

Baby Belle Boutique strives to give its clients designer clothing at great prices. As a family-run business, we are incredibly passionate about helping customers find the clothing and accessories they need for their girls.

Making shopping easier at Baby Belle Boutique

If you aren’t sure what Nono products you need, or if you need help figuring out what is trending just now, feel free to get in touch with us.

You can contact us by email or give us a quick follow on Instagram. We’ll get in touch right away and help you find the ideal Nono clothing. You can never go wrong with a Baby Belle Boutique gift card for anyone unsure which Nono pieces to buy.